WTO & th role of soverign nations

Recently the Nirobi round of talks has ended in World Trade Organization  (WTO). The picture being painted is grim for developing worlds atleast. The talks are an attempt to talk-down on developing & under-developed world. What it is in actuality is a tool of the oligarchs or Multi-National Enterprises(MNE) who own a large capital world-wide to make the sovereign republics to act on the vihims of these oligarchs.

The heads of many a committees in WTO are associated with MNEs. They publish reports which best suits the interest of these MNEs & also lobby in their home countries(which are mainly western) to comply with their demands.They do not respect international treaties or the rules & regulations of international organizations.

This has turned the international relations, economies, businesses into dirty waters. For example, the signing of Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) & other such agreements. Unilateral sanctions on countries & declaration of war & invasion with considering sentiments of international community(After all, these wars happen for market-share & crude).

In the end, I would like to say that such un-dharmic attempts can only b suppressed by united spirit of people called governments. For  this governments need to function, in the same manner as a child has to educate(in literature, sports or any other form) himself(there is no better alternative).


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