India & the overall developement of society

India has traditionally been a peace loving country before, during & after british rule on this sub-continent. That does not mean has never used force against its external aggressors. The purpose of bringing this sentence in the beginning is to clear the reader of the prejudice. From about 5000 years ago when this sub-continent has seen the rise of ‘Harappan’ or ‘Indus valley’ civilization, this country has seen overall development.

The desire & urge for overall development among the people of this sub-continent is was so strong that they had artisans, craftsmen, technologists, traders, engineers, soldiers, merchants among them along with intellectuals(however, there is no solid proof for the same & it can only be analyzed).

During the later years upto the time of independence Indians(I am people of Indian sub-continent) were not eager for any kind of any major  war as they sincerely felt that military development could alter the social balance. For this they resisted many-a-invaders, but never let the society degrade. This is the beauty of this sub-continent.

But in the post-independence India this has taken the past glory has not been reflected in the governments that have ruled this sub-continent. Being socially, economically, technologically & militarily developed serves a greater purpose to this world as a whole.

For this the countries have to come out of their ego clashes.




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