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America’s Educational System Must Be Fixed for the Sake of Our Anagram Puzzles

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Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Today I exchanged emails with a loyal MCC reader (we’ll call her “my wife”) who spent part of her work day on a themed anagram puzzle, given to her as a light-hearted challenge to while away the seconds between hectic responsibilities. She received a list of twelve scrambled people or things from the 1960s and tasked with decrypting their true identities. No problem, right? Anagrams are a simple task straight out of Highlights for Children, or a weak issue of Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games when the writers were tired of trying.

Because her supervisors set forth no rules about what might constitute cheating, and because I know stuff, she shared the list with me so I could help her speed up the process and possibly win prizes. I like when my wife wins things because sometimes they’re shareable and I therefore also win by extension.

Three of…

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Double Trouble


two grizzly cubs

Two grizzly cubs take a break from clamming with their mother on the Alaskan mudflats to have a look around.  The sows and cubs spend a couple of hours digging and eating razor clams each day that the tides are low enough to do so.  Until the salmon start running, usually in late July or early August in this part of Alaska, the clams are the major source of protein in these coastal bears’ diet.

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How Not to Celebrate Customer Service Appreciation Week

Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Anyone who’s in the same general field as my wife and I should be gearing up right about now for this year’s Customer Service Appreciation Week. I’m not sure if this annual internal salute to service representatives was invented by the same Hallmark scientists who created such business-based holidays as Boss’ Day or Secretaries Day, but since it benefits me each year, I refuse to be an ingrate.

The premise, for those of you in other fields with your own traditions of positive reinforcement: each year for five consecutive business days, customer service supervisors who can spell and pronounce “morale” treat their employees to a series of extra fun perks. Sometimes it’s free donuts for breakfast and/or a a catered lunch. Sometimes there are team-building exercises or one-on-one contests, with useful prizes at stake. For companies with relaxed dress codes, there can also be themed clothing days — e.g…

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Weekend Wanderings – Kyneton

awander der……


Last Wednesday I went for a trip with my photography friends and we decided to head north to Kyneton.  It is a beautiful country town, with many old buildings and some fantastic little features.  With it only being about a two hour drive up the Calder Freeway, it is a very doable day trip.  We didn’t do much in the town, but rather headed out the Malmsbury Road to photograph a bridge I have photographed quite a few times.

LeanneCole-kyneton-20131002-8487It is a disused bridge that is alongside the road.  I find it quite fascinating.  Every time I go back there is something different, and this time it was the water, it was up so high.  We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Actually we almost didn’t go because of the weather.  It was very windy, I mean very windy, and we thought we would get rained on.  Which…

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“Revolution” 10/2/2013 (spoilers): Tom Neville, Undercover Patriot

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Midlife Crisis Crossover!

Tom Neville, Giancarlo Esposito, Revolution, NBCTonight on the new episode of NBC’s Revolution, “There Will Be Blood”, the game is afoot for our hero, Tom Neville. The alleged President of the United States of America has returned to the mainland from his/her getaway in Guantanamo Bay and set up camp in Savannah, but his/her representatives are presenting themselves as the people’s rescuers through the use of big fat lies. Our hero knows the truth, believes nuclear madman Randall Flagg was working for them, and can second-guess their devious plan from a mile away: “Create the problem. Be the solution.” And Neville hates it when anyone lies but him.

Neville naturally has his own plan. This week is Phase One, which proceeds like clockwork in five easy steps:

1. Recruit at least one follower besides his own son.

2. Make sure said follower is disposable and not prone to thinking ahead.

3. Give the follower…

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