1 wite man gets fcukd all wite man com & rescue

1 black man gets fcukd 100’s of black men com & rescue

1 brown ban gets fcukd, he fcuks all othr brown men; 😛


Once ther ws a pro who ha’ falln in lov wid a guy; knowin dis her fathr send da lovr 2 prison.

(The story, wait for it starts 4m here…………)

In da cel der is anothr guy already, he ‘as ben der ‘caus; whean h’ laughs a great aroma coms 4m his mouth; so da kin’ coms 2 know & cals him 2 perfomo dis specialo de arto; but he says der ha’ 2 natu’al situation, so da king prrplxd waits just 2 c notin hapns     i mean abuslutly notin; so da maan gets jai’ 4 life.

   Tehn him is me’ by his gf;  she says u r nat my bf 4 dis world, but for all da 7 worlds.  hearin dis d attender who had just lost his bycycle 7 wa’ despratly searchin 4 it says ” if in any of those worl’s u fin’ my bycycle please te’ me” 



MORLE : it is imposibl 2 start an electronic equipment without coorption : ?


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